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 The Enlightenment Gallery (TEG)

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Sky Singh

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PostSubject: History of SW in Second Life   Sun Jan 17, 2010 1:49 am

The Enlightenment Gallery (TEG) was a parcel of land in Second Life, bought and built originally in 2006 by Gem Yoshinka. During discussions on spirituality with Fem, it was decided to open classes weekly for people in SL interested in meditation and forming a group of practitioners... with a leader qualified to share a variety of meditation techniques. Fem has been practicing "3-Body Meditation" and Spiritual Warriorship since the 1980's, under the tutilege of Master Guru Lar Short, founder of Grace Essence Mandala (GEM). Master Lar is a vajramaster who has studied under many great lamas, including Swami Rudrananda and HHDKR.
SW Classes in SL began in the fall of 2006, and practitioners still meet weekly, at beginning and advanced levels. Classes are open to all with a sincere interest in their spiritual growth, and a willingness to participate honestly in the growth of others. To stay in touch with the SW folks in SL, join this forum, and/or, join the Energy Practice Group in SL. For anyone interested whose schedule does not allow group practice, there are still many opportunities available for growth and learning through communication with the group, reading of the text, and resources here and at the Enlightenment Gallery in SL.
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Kaileena Aeon

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PostSubject: The Enlightenment Gallery (TEG)   Sat Jan 09, 2010 11:17 pm

What is Enlightenment Gallery (TEG)?

The Enlightenment Gallery (TEG) is a free and non-denominational open park arts space. The Enlightenment Gallery hosts gatherings, discussion, and classes, art display and meditation programs. TEG hosts the Mona Lisa's Sword R Sky Dojo, for the practice of Spiritual Warriorship.

Who is the Enlightenment Gallery?

The Enlightenment Gallery is a group of SL artists, designers, practitioners and visionaries creating creating a public space for spiritual practice, for the commonwealth of all.
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The Enlightenment Gallery (TEG)
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